Ballandi Arts is an independent television production company based in Rome.

It creates, develops and finalizes cultural TV movie productions, fiction and non fiction TV series for the most distinguished cultural channels.

Since it started as a division of Ballandi Multimedia, Ballandi Arts has fully earned its reputation as a national leader in art documentaries, with over 300 programmes to its name, also producing for the Sky Arts production hub, creating Art programmes for Sky customers across Europe.

The high tech quality of its shooting equipment and a creative and innovative writing technique made Ballandi Arts renowned, with products broadcast worldwide.

Ballandi Arts is also a leader in organizing live events such as MTV Italian Awards, Stars Celebrations, important Charity Concerts and events casting international celebrities.

Among its most successful series and documentaries, are Master of Photography (seasons 1 and 2), Artists in Love (10 Eps.), Italian Season (8 Eps.), Palmyra: Rising from the Ashes, Cooper: Genius and Works, The Sistine Chapel Choir.

Ballandi Arts has a London office and a UK-based company, B/ARTS Entertainment Ltd.